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Black Belt Recorder White Lite


Black Belt Recorder is one of the most popular recorder learning methods in the world. It’s now here on PC, Mac, iPad/iPhone/iPod & Android! This app is a great free companion to the book.If you are a BlackBeltRecorder, SongTorch, or IJAMEd website registered user the IJAMEd Cloud will track your progress, your awarded stars and your avatar. You teacher can also track your progress and you can graduate on the teachers version of this program in front of your whole class by Recorder Man, a funny animated character.
This is a fully interactive and exciting way to learn to play the descant or soprano recorder. New notes, new rhythms, symbols, articulation, finger posture, breath control and even automatic TESTING are included.
This is the first level: White Belt! White Belt Lite includes: * All three test songs (read from your book). The app actually tests you and gives you a score.* Note B interactive activities* Note A interactive activities* Note G interactive activities* Breath control* Update your avatar* Learn your symbols games 1, 2 & 3* Recognize note rhythms interactive activity* Recognize rest rhythms interactive activity* White belt review with interactive activity* A simplified graduation
How awesome is this? The application actually TESTS you. When you play along with the test versions of the required songs, it will give you a score out of 100%. If you get over 80% you will receive a star. Other stars are awarded for various our parts of the program. Once you have all 18 stars, you will become a Yellow Belt student. Then go onto the Yellow Belt app.
To add even more fun you will be applauded went you get things right, sprinkled with confetti when your succeed, honored with fireworks when you win, win stars when you succeed and last but not least be GRADUATED by Recorder Man and his impersonations of famous characters on your teacher's version of this app.
There are also standard (white), deluxe and mobile versions of this application that includes a super slow scrolling versions of the songs, exciting extra features that almost guaranteed to learn to read music! Look out for the mobile version. It requires no book.